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My Bill Of Rights

As a patient of Children’s Hospital of Michigan, I have the right:

1. To be called by my name, not a number or illness.

2. To be greeted with a smile and treated with loving care.

3. To get my medicine at the right time.

4. To know which doctors, nurses and other helpers will take care of me and what their names are.

5. To have my regular needs taken care of – to be clean, safe and comfortable, without things holding me down.

6. To have my daily routine stay as normal as possible – to sleep without people bugging me, to have quiet times during the day, to go to the playroom, and to have a teacher help me with my schoolwork.

7. To have a schedule for my tests and procedures that does not keep me hungry or thirsty any longer than necessary.

8. To make choices whenever possible as long as they don’t interfere with my care.

9. To have the people taking care of me know how much pain I have and to try to help me.

10. To cry, make noise or object to anything that hurts me.

11. To have a family member with me, whenever possible, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of my care.

12. To have someone who speaks the same language as me and my family to help us understand what is happening, and if someone isn’t available, to help my family find someone.

13. To be told what is happening to me and why and to have all my questions answered in words I understand in my own language.

14. To know my illness is between me, my family and the people taking care of me, and that it’s no one else’s business unless I say so. 

15. To be free from seclusion or restraints of any kind that are not necessary and do not help me get better. 

16. To not have people whispering about me over my bed or out in the hallways unless I know what’s happening and not to have people talking about me as if I weren’t in the room. 

17. To leave the hospital as soon as possible with instructions for my caregivers on how to keep me healthy at home.

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