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Have a Healthy Halloween!

Both imagined and real dangers lurk on Halloween. “Parents need to plan for Halloween with safety in mind,” says Suzanne White, M.D., medical director, poison control center, Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Help keep your children safe from the real Halloween hazards with the following tips:

Use Caution with Costumes

  • Avoid masks that block vision, long costumes or awkward shoes that could cause a fall, and loose or nonfire-resistant material that could ignite near a candle.
  • Use hypoallergenic makeup for face painting instead of masks that could block vision. Don’t apply makeup too close to the eyes.
  • Make sure accessories are made of cardboard or other flexible materials.
  • Mark costumes and accessories with reflective tape, and provide flashlights.
 Safe Trick-or-Treating
  • Young trick-or-treaters should go with an adult. Older children should travel in groups.
  • Pick a safe and familiar neighborhood.
  • Remind children never to go inside a stranger’s house and only to visit those with lights on.
  • For small children, throw out choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, and hard candies. “It’s a good idea to feed children before they go so they won’t eat any candy before you’ve had an opportunity to check it,” says Dr. White. “Anything unwrapped, including fresh fruit, should be thrown away. Without a wrapper, it’s hard to tell if food is clean and safe to eat.”
Suzanne White, M.D.
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