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Meet the Specialists

Click on the links below for further information on the Emergency Medicine physicians at Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Ronald Ruffing, MD, Interim Chief

Rajan Arora, MD

Michelle Behrendt, MD

Nirmala Bhaya, MD

Amy Cortis, MD

Minh Cruz, MD

Stephanie Do, DO

Sudershan Grover, MD

Lorette Haddad, MD

Demetris Haritos, MD, FAAP

Earl Hartwig, MD

Katherine Hebert, MD

Nirupama Kannikeswaran, MD

Angela Kavenaugh, DO

S. Susan Kunjummen, MD

Hon Kai (Frances) Lee, MD

Baqir Malik, MD

Shazia Maqbool, MD

Prashant V. Mahajan, MD, MBA, MPH

Abhay Mehendale, MD

Daxika Patel, MD

Jayashree Rao, MD

Ronald Ruffing, MD, Interim Chief

Hania Salama, MD

Syana Sarnaik, MD

Usha Sethuraman, MD, MBBS

Kalvathy Srinivasan, MD

Christine Stankovic, MD

Curt Stankovic, MD

Helene Tigchelaar, MD

Tonya Touchstone, MD

*The physicians listed on this website are members of the medical staff at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, but some are independent contractors who are neither employees nor agents of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan; and, as a result, these physicians are solely responsible for their actions in their medical practices.

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