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Staffed by thousands of pediatric-trained physicians, nurses and employees, you can trust the care of your patient to the team at Children's Hosiptal of Michigan. At Children's, we have both the expertise and experience to fulfill our mission to meet the physical and emotional needs of youngsters with common child-hood illnesses, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of rare and unusual diseases.

We look forward to cultivating an enduring relationship with you, and hope that your experience with Children's Hosiptal of Michigan will prove beneficial to you and your patients.

Cardiac services at Children's are among the finest in the country. Our pediatric cardiologists provide a full range of invasive and non invasive procedures, including screening of children at risk of developing acquired hear problems, stress testing, color Doppler echocardiography, electro physiology, pacemakers and cardiac catheterization. In most elective cases, catheterization is an outpatient procedure.

Our intermediate inpatient unit is dedicated to cardiology, with equipment that allows patients to move about freely while their heart functions are monitored continuously. The nurses on this unit are specialists in pediatric cardiac care.

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