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Meet the Specialists

Click on the links below for further information on the Burn Center Team at the Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Christina Shanti, MD, Director of the Burn Center, Chief of Pediatric Surgery

Joseph L. Lelli, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief

Lydia Donoghue, MD

Raquel Gonzalez, MD

Justin D. Klein, MD

Michael D. Klein, MD, FACS, FAAP

Scott E. Langenberg, MD

Paul T. Stockmann, MD, FACS

The Burn Center Team is comprised of specialists from varying disciplines:

  • Burn Physicians and Nurses
  • Physical Therapists - specialists help children rehabilitate major muscle groups, maintain mobility and regain the ability to walk if needed.
  • Occupational Therapists - specialists assist children in regain control of fine motor skills in their hands, arms and upper body.
  • Nutritional Services - dietitians establish nutritional programs that will meet the increased demands of recovery and hasten the return to normal eating habits.
  • Social Work - team members assess family relationships as related to the source of injuries, insure the safety of each child's home environment and support the family throughout recovery.
  • Child Life Specialists help to reduce stress due to hospitalization through play, preparation for procedures and emotional support for children and their families.
  • Educational Services - a teacher is on staff at Children's Hospital of Michigan to help children stay in touch with their course work at school.
  • Pastoral Care - staff members are available 24 hours a day to support families of all faiths with their spiritual needs.
  • Home Care Referral – parents are directed to reliable sources of professional assistance for continued home recovery of their children.


*The physicians listed on this website are members of the medical staff at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, but some are independent contractors who are neither employees nor agents of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan; and, as a result, these physicians are solely responsible for their actions in their medical practices.

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