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While You're Here

Being at the hospital can be scary for a child and for families. Here are a few things to make the visit better for everyone.

Spend as much time as you can with your child.
A child’s fear of being left alone is normal. It becomes even greater when the child is in a strange place, among lots of new people.

Plan to get away from time to time.
Taking care of yourself and your family while your child is at the hospital is difficult to do. Ask other adults or family members to take your place when you are not here. When you leave your child’s room, tell him/her when you will be back. Explain that the nurses, doctors and other staff are here to take care of children when parents are away.

Ask your nurse about how to help care for your child.
Kids feel better when parents help with meals, baths, dressing changes and other daily tasks. In most cases, you can care for your child as you would at home.

Be involved in your child’s health care.
If you have questions, please ask anyone caring for your child, and encourage your child to ask questions too. It may be helpful to create a list of questions for your child’s doctor or nurse. Many of the questions can be answered by the nurse or doctor on the floor, but some questions can only be answered by staff who are not here  all of the time.  Sometimes you may want to tell us something about your care. You may not always be able to be here to tell us. Care-A-Grams are one way to do that. Look in the “Communications Headquarters” board in your child’s room for a Care-A-Gram form.
 1. Write your question or comment.
 2. Let us know how best to get in touch with you.
 3. Seal the Care-A-Gram form and place it in the pocket marked “QUESTION” on the Communications board.
 4. Look for an envelope addressed to you in the pocket  marked “ANSWER” on the Communications board.

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