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Children's Hospital of Michigan

Children's Hospital of Michigan 
3901 Beaubien
Detroit, Michigan 48201
313-745-KIDS (313-745-5437) 
888-DMC-2500 (888-362-2500)
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Specialty Clinics Include:
Cardiology - 4th Floor Carls Bldg.
Cardiovascular Surgery - 4th Floor Carls Bldg.
ENT/Otolaryngology - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Hematology/Oncology - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Imaging - 2nd Floor Main Hospital
MRI - Ground Floor Main Hospital
Neurology - 3rd Floor Main Hospital (moving to Specialty Center - Detroit as of 10/31/16)
Neurosurgery - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
Ophthalmology - 1st Floor Carls Bldg.
Orthopaedic Surgery - 1st Floor Main Hospital
Pain Clinic - 1st Floor Main Hospital
Pediatric Surgery - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
PET Center - Ground Floor Main Hospital
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Sickle Cell - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Sleep Center - 3rd Floor Main Hospital
Ultrasound - 2nd Floor Main Hospital
Urology - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.


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