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Kids Health-E Updates

KIDS HEALTH-E UPDATES are bimonthly publications containing focused pediatric health information for parents, from the pediatric experts at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. To receive KIDS HEALTH-E UPDATES directly by e-mail, click here to subscribe.

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Cutting out the fear
“Your child needs surgery.” It’s natural to feel overwhelmed or afraid when you hear these words. Kids pick up when their parents are nervous, and that’s not good for either of you.

Mommy, it burns when I pee!”
For parents, spotting the signs of a cold or tummy bug is fairly easy. But what do you do when your child comes to you and says “Mommy, it burns when I pee!”?

Do You Ear Me Now?
Ear pain is no fun, no matter what your age. However, for children it is an irritating condition that requires prompt attention.

Summer Sports
“It’s great that kids spend time outside during the summer to get some sunshine and exercise. Sometimes a little too much exuberance playing games and sports can lead to injuries.

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