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Designing Facilities of the Future Just for Them

Children need special nurturing and care from birth through adulthood, and the design and construction of our new Children's Hospital of Michigan Special Center in Troy, Michigan, and our new Critical Care Tower at the Children's Hospital of Michigan also require thoughtful attention for their growth and development.

That's why we're using integrated Lean Facility Design to consider every detail of our planned facilities. Lean Facility Design (LFD) isn't about bricks and mortar. It is about designing the best possible spaces and experience for children and families and for the staff that will work in these buildings. LFD engages front line team members closest to patient care and patients and families to envision and create spaces and work flows that work best for everyone. Using the principals of Lean Management, teams of staff and patients and families will examine and evaluate key processes and work flows which include health care delivery, equipment, supplies and information. They'll review things like reducing the steps it may take from entrances to treatment areas, reducing the time it takes to locate and retrieve supplies and how to incorporate natural light into care spaces, among other important details.

The video that follows captures our journey thus far. We will add to it periodically to share our progress as we develop our new facilities. So check back again to see how we're doing along the way. We can't wait to share what the future holds for the children and families we serve.

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