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About Us

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan's Trauma Center and Burn Center are committed to keeping children safe and has developed the Kohl's Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) in an effort to reduce injury risks.

The Kohl's Injury Prevention Program gives children and their families the information and support needed to make positive, health-promoting choices about their personal safety and well-being. The KIPP 
curriculum is taught in schools throughout the school year, in a manner that is developmentally appropriate for each grade level. KIPP also provides safety items (e.g., helmets and smoke detectors) free of charge or at discount cost. Thanks to financial support from Kohl's Department Stores, the program is available at no charge.

Safety Program Applicant Forms and Information:
School/Organization Enrollment Packet

Outreach Request Form Download or Register Online

Kohl's Injury Prevention Program Team

Office (313) 745-0072

Renee Zarr
Injury Prevention Education Coordinator
  Joann Moss
Injury Prevention Education Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities 

All community events held need and require volunteers. Families and friends are welcome to help at the events. If you would like sign-up for an event please contact the KIPP Team.

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