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Meet the Team

Divna M. Wheelwright, MA, CCLS
Manager, Child Life and Volunteer Services
Phone: (313) 745-8617

Amanda Sayre, BAA, CCLS (please direct inquiries regarding special events and donations to Amanda Sayre)
Child Life Project Specialist
Special Events/ Donations
Phone: (313) 745-5364

Child Life Specialists
Steven Rubinstein, BS, CCLS 
Unit: Emergency Department
Phone: (313) 745-4393

Laura Walker, BA, CCLS 
Unit: Emergency Department
Phone: (313) 745-4393

Elizabeth Ciesielski, BS, CCLS
Unit: Burn/Surgery, Rehabilitation
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Alisha Day, BS, CCLS
Unit: Same Day Surgery 
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Mary Kraft, BS, CCLS (student questions can be directed to Mary Kraft)
Senior Child Life Specialist
Unit: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Endocrinology, Pulmonary
Phone: (313) 966-9978

Alexis Cora, BS, CCLS
Unit: Cardiology, PICU
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Channel Pack, BS, CCLS
Unit: Hematology/Oncology, Nephrology, Protective Care Unit
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Maureen Hannon, BA, CCLS, CPST, CIMI 
Unit: Infectious Disease, Infant/Toddler
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Amanda Utt, BS, CCLS
Unit: Urology Clinic
Phone: (313) 745-5234

Angela Stitt, MA, CCLS
Unit: Imaging/Research
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Child Life Assistants
Stacy Simmons-Parks
Unit: Inpatient Activity Centers
Phone: (313) 745-0064

Wandena Swartz, MBA
Jack’s Tree House (Sibling Support)
Phone: (313) 745-5365

Tyrell Johnson, BA
Jack’s Tree House
Phone: (313) 745-5365

School Teacher
Loraine Hodgson, MA
Detroit Public Schools
(313) 745-5652

Art Therapist
Jenny Fox, MA, ATR, LLPC
Phone (313) 745-5312

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