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Halloween Safety

Is your child trick-or-treat-ready?
Here are the top five things parents can do to ensure a fun, safe Halloween for their child:

  1. Choose trip-proof costumes                                                                       
  • If you child wants to wear a mask, eye holes should be larger than their own eyes for optimal vision and to avoid dangers such as a raised sidewalk or stray animal
  • Opt for non-toxic face paint over masks
  • Avoid dangerous props such as swords and canes that could get in the way
  • Wear shoes that fit

  1. Trick or Treating Safety
  • Advise children to go only to homes where the porch light is on
  • Make sure they only Trick-or-treat with family members or friends
  • Recommend that they stick close to home so they won’t get lost in unfamiliar neighborhoods
  • Never go inside a stranger's home.
  1. Traffic Safety
  • Opt for non-toxic face paint for your child over masks to best ensure they can see on-coming traffic
  • Have children carry something that glows in the dark, such as a glowing necklace or treat bag, to ensure they can been seen by drivers
  • Apply reflective tape to costumes
  1. Prepare for emergencies
  • Equip your child with a cell phone. That way, you can check in or they can call for help if needed.
  • A trusted adult should accompany trick-or-treaters

  1. Safe Treats
  • Before kids begin eating the treats, parent should take a good look at them
    • Toss anything that’s loose or not in it’s original wrapper
    • Toss fresh fruit

For more Halloween or other safety tips click here www.childrensdmc.org/kidshealth.

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