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Healing Arts Program

The DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan Healing Arts Program is dedicated to improving the healthcare experience for patients, families, and caregivers by integrating the arts into the hospital setting.   In 2004, The Children’s Hospital of Michigan joined the rapidly growing field of Arts in Healthcare with the implementation of its program.  Arts in Healthcare programs integrate the arts, including literary, performing, visual arts and design, into the healthcare setting for therapeutic and recreational purposes.

With the goal of creating a family-centered healing environment, informed by evidenced based design practices, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan was recognized in 2008 for Best Practices in Evidence Based Design by the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI).  Research provides evidence that the integration of art and good design into healthcare facilities assists in the reduction of stress and improved outcomes, patient safety and impacts the overall quality of care provided.  It reduced the length of hospital stay, improved patient compliance during medical procedures, reduced use of pain and anti-anxiety medications, improved recover time and reduced incidences of depression.


The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Healing Arts Program also offers cultural programs for patients and their families.  The creative arts are used as an integrative and holistic tool to enable patients to the express their feelings, build self-esteem and to help them maintain a positive identity, and to celebrate life.

For further information on the Healing Arts Program contact CHMInfo@dmc.org

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