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Do You Ear Me Now?


Ear pain is no fun, no matter what your age. However, for children it is an irritating condition that requires prompt attention. If your child is fussing, crying, pulling at their ears, has a fever, or you notice their ears are red, swollen or draining fluid, it is time for medical care.

Parents should know frequent ear infections can lead to hearing loss. The Children's Hospital of Michigan ENT department is the largest pediatric ear, nose and throat program in Michigan and offers diagnosis and treatment of more than 150 ear, nose and throat (ENT) medical conditions. If your child is suffering from frequent ear aches, and throat infections, Children's Hospital of Michigan ENT specialists on staff can prescribe antibiotics to tackle infections, and if the medicine does not improve the condition, your doctor will review with you next steps, including non-invasive procedures and out-patient surgery.

"We know how scared kids can be when they come to the hospital with an ear infection. The doctors and nurses are sensitive to these fears," said Chief of Otolaryngology (ENT) and Associate Clinical Professor Wayne State University School of Medicine Michael S. Haupert, DO, MBA. "We advise parents that to help prevent ear infections it is important that the child stay away from cigarette smoke and wash their hands regularly. Parents should also try to keep kids away from people who have colds as much as possible."

To learn more about ear infections - signs symptoms, and treatment - watch this pediatric medical moment featuring mom and journalist Kim Adams interviewing Dr. Haupert.

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