July 2013

Our Journey to Excellence

Damita J. Williams, RN, MSN, MA, CPN, NE-BC

Dear Colleagues,

This issue of I&E is filled with congratulations for so many of you, from those who have accomplished educational pursuits to those who have won the praise of our patients and their families. Every day I see so many examples of your dedication and commitment to compassionate care. We are very proud of the 18 graduates of the Nurse Residency Program; four nurses who received a Masters of Nursing and two nurses who earned a doctor of nursing practice degree. This year's Daisy Award winner is a nurse who has been with us since he graduated from Oakland University just two years ago. I hope you will take a moment to offer this team your personal congratulations for a job well done.

We continue to move forward with our Lean Daily Management program. On May 1, we began our morning Monday through Friday Gemba Walks – a daily exercise for hospital leadership to learn, observe and make suggestions. We began visiting four units or departments per day, and are now up to 12: MRI, Emergency Department, NICU, 6 East, 6 West, 5 East, PICU, Registration, Hematology Oncology Clinic, Pharmacy, and EVS/Transport. It is a great two-way communications program with excellent feedback from the nurses in the units and our leadership. You can read about our initial walks in this issue and find out what Gemba means.

Feedback from nurses is always especially beneficial at our Town Hall Meetings. Please know that we are listening and acting upon your suggestions. We welcome your questions and ideas to further enhance patient care to maintain a positive and productive work place.

In this issue we highlight the Hematology/Oncology department to get an insight from the nurses who are a part of one of our dedicated teams. This department is involved in research as well as patient care for a myriad of disorders that plague our kids.

Community involvement is important to Children's employees as evidenced by this year's Cereal Drive, another great success. Many thanks to the teams and full committee that promoted and collected thousands of boxes of cereal that will land on breakfast tables for children in southeastern Michigan with the partnership of Gleaners Food Bank and its distribution system.

And finally, I just returned from my annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Hope International Ministries. This year I was joined by some Children's staff as well as various family members. It is always a humbling experience. Nearly 200 medical and non-medical professionals helped those without the most basic needs including medical dental and vision care. We talk about our experience in this issue of I&E.

Damita J. Williams MSN, MA, RN, CPN, NE-BC
Vice President, Patient Care Services

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Innovative and State-of-the-Art

Nearly 90 Children's Hospital of Michigan medical and support staff members work in the oldest and largest pediatric hematology/oncology program in Michigan. This department works closely with other pediatric specialists to provide coordinated, multidisciplinary care. Services and programs include: bone marrow transplantation, cancer survivorship program, coagulation laboratory, hemophilia and other blood diseases, hematologic disorders, oncology treatment, sickle cell anemia and a thrombosis clinic.  The department is led by a duel team: Madhvi Rajpurkar, MD, Division Chief, Hematology, and Jeffrey W. Taub, MD, FAAP, Division Chief, Oncology.

Hematology and Oncology Clinic nurses include Mindy Botterill, Kristin Edwards, Missy Frey, Beverly Gerchak, Kendra Gosk, Tammy Gualdoni, Jennifer Joyce, Joette Lambert, Emigh Litch, Kathleen McHugh, Linda Percy, Lorna Miler, Catherine Sokolowski, Carmelar Staley (sickle cell). Kristy Enderlin does hematology research, and Kathy Miller does oncology research. BMT Program Coordinators are Liz Smythe and Maureen Hubbell. Debbie Roarty is the cancer survivor program coordinator. Latesha Jackson is the PCA and Jennifer Rae the MA in the Hem/Onc Clinic and Lakisha Poindexter and Andrea Tillman are MAs in the Sickle Cell Center. The Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Practitioners are Jessica Diver and Danielle Van Damme and Suzette Meinke, NP, does the same for the Sickle Cell Center. Cindy Sabo is the Coagulation Disorders Nurse Practitioner.

"I love working with the children, I find it very rewarding," said Kathleen McHugh, Oncology RN. "I also like working with the physician group and with the clinical staff – we work well together as a team."

Dedicated to understanding and treating pediatric blood diseases and cancer, this department has conducted significant research and has made innovative strides recognized throughout the country.  The Coagulation Laboratory is considered one of the most advanced by serving other researchers and regulatory agencies worldwide.  The team has been conducting research by screening umbilical cord samples at birth to detect leukemia DNA markers in children.

"I have worked at Children's for 34 years, which says something – 10 years in this clinic. I really enjoy working with the hemophilia team and Dr. Lusher," said Missy Frey, Hemophilia RN. "I like the challenge of working with this patient population, and I like the education piece of my job. It feels good to make a connection with the families, to see that they feel better about the diagnosis because of the work that we do. My heart is in this clinic."

In 2007, Children's Hospital of Michigan opened the region's only pediatric bone marrow transplant unit. The state-of-the-art unit includes private rooms equipped with cutting edge monitoring equipment and a HEPA filtration system to ensure the environment is highly protective against infection, a major complication for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, and cutting-edge monitoring equipment.

"I like working with the kids and the families. I especially like talking to the kids because sometimes they are depressed or sad and it gives me a chance to lift their spirits," said LaKeisha Poindexter, Sickle Cell Clinic MA. "I also like working with the staff in the clinic. Because it's a small clinic, there is a family feeling to it and it gives me a chance to really get to know the patients and the families."

Helpful Information for Families of Children with Cancer or Blood Related Disorders was prepared by many hematology and oncology nurses and physicians. This guide assists families with understanding several disorders including diagnostic tests, treatments, hospital care and staffing, home care and much more.

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Medical Mission Changes Lives

Some of those who have accompanied her have changed, but as she has every summer for the past five years, Damita J. Williams MSN, MA, RN, CPN, NE-BC, vice president, Patient Care Services, recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic with Hope International Ministries. Several Children's Hospital of Michigan employees signed on for the life altering experience this year which brought Children's team number up to 15, which included six of the participant's family members. All were a part of the 193 US-wide volunteer group that treated children in need. Damita serves as clinic director for Hope International.

Entire families were treated. "One of my most memorable experiences was seeing our team treat a little boy who was suffering from pneumonia with a 104 degree temperature. We were able to administer life-saving antibiotics and IV fluids," said Damita. Patients were treated for medical and dental issues, provided with medications, and durable medical equipment including walkers, wheelchairs and nebulizer machines.

How did one walker make a difference? A little girl with cerebral palsy was given a walker and was able to walk for the first time. Her mother no longer has to carry her.

Front row, left to right: Jessica Diver – Hematology-Oncology NP; Brad Phillips – PICU RN; Katie Miller – PICU RN; Sammy Conoff – Educator; Mary Ross – ENT Nurse Clinician

Second row, left to right: Sara Jorgansen – NICU RN; Liz Smythe – NICU RN; Damita Williams – VP Patient Care; Chezni Williams (Daughter of Damita Williams); Beth Ann Ross (Family of Mary Ross)

Third row, left to right: Christopher Rhoades (son of LaChelle House); Nicholas Williams (son of Damita Williams); John Williams (husband of Damita Williams); Tom Ross (family of Mary Ross)

For Mary Ross, RN, BSN, Airway Management Nurse, Pediatric Otolaryngology, this was her first mission trip. Her brother and sister came along to be a part of the Children's Hospital team. "When we traveled to the villages with trucks of supplies and our human work force to help the needy, we arrived to see the town already lined up in the hot sun just waiting for us to unload, set up, and wait for their turn to be seen by a doctor and nurse. Each patient left with a gift as well. Maybe it was flip flops to protect their feet, or sunglasses to protect their eyes, or a stuffed animal or ball for a child to play with. They all had smiles and hugs to give us. They have very little, but they have so much love," recalled Mary.

Since Mary works with the ENT clinic at Children's Hospital as a trach nurse, she was very excited to see one woman come through the clinic with a trach. "She willingly let me examine her and told me that it was in place due to cancer. She smiled when she told me she gets to change it once per year. Our patients here change them monthly and some more often when having respiratory issues," said Mary.

The mission changed many lives. For Damita it was a great experience to get to know hospital staff in a new and different way. "I am so grateful for their compassion," remarked Damita.

Hope comes in many degrees, and Hope International Ministries, along with our hospital team, served it up with care, compassion and a lot of love. Look for a meeting in the Fall if you are interested in going in 2014.

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Walk the Walk to Talk the Talk

On May 1, the Children's Hospital of Michigan executive team took their first Gemba Walk as a part of the kick-off of the Lean Daily Management program. A Gemba Walk is an opportunity for leadership to better understand what is happening in the hospital units, gain a better insight to daily routines and offer suggestions to staff. For this activity though, unit staff members take the lead and explain the unit metrics that have been devised by the units to measure procedures and activities.

The first four units, MRI, Emergency Department, NICU, and 6 West (bone marrow transplants, nephrology), are visited every day by the hospital leadership team. The Gemba Walk is a mandatory activity and scheduled during the "no fly zone" when the Detroit Medical Center as a whole uses this time for daily huddles and Gemba Walks.

During one of the initial Gemba Walks, Emergency Department staff noted that the process of medication scanning was flawed. Some of the medications administered would not scan. Leadership assisted by taking action to help solve the problem. In another department the staff demonstrated to leadership how they are reviewing specimen collection as a part of their quality metric – making sure specimens are drawn and labeled properly.

Annette Hartner RN, MSA, NEA-BC, administrative director Continuous Process Improvement, said, "The staff loves that they have the opportunity to see and meet hospital leadership in their units, and share knowledge and experiences. During the Gemba Walks everyone reviews the metrics and unit issues, and the staff handles the problem-solving. The leadership team is often impressed by metrics the departments have chosen."

Kimberly Pizana discusses metrics during Radiology Gemba Walk.

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Conference report

Care for the Caregivers:
A Day of Renewal

On May 7, at the Best Western Sterling Inn, 253 nurses from the Detroit Medical Center spent a day attending workshops on how to better care for themselves, to better care for their patients. The keynote speaker was HaelanWorks Director Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, FAAN, who specializes in areas of creating habitats for healing, caring and spirituality. The event was sponsored by the Detroit Medical Center Patient Care Services.

There were four sessions plus a Nurses Week presentation. Participants completed evaluation on the conference and made many positive observations:

"Thank you for linking spirituality and nursing…This day reminded me of why I became a nurse." Other nurses came away with a goal of taking more time to make themselves a priority every day, and taking care of themselves in order to care for patients and patient families.

As a part of DMC Nurses Care, participants were asked to bring items for the 5th annual Donation Drive. The Michigan Human Society received many items including food, treats, blankets, toys, newspapers, towels and fleece fabric.

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2013 Cereal Drive

A huge thank you to all who participated in this year's Children's Hospital of Michigan Professional Nurse Council's Cereal Drive.

Our team captains and committee did an outstanding job to collect 679,701 servings of cereal that will be distributed by the Gleaners Community Food Bank via a network of distribution centers in southeast Michigan. Our drive was the top contributor to the national collection of 1,542,969 servings.

The top Children's Hospital team was the Community Honey Nut Heroes with 434,470 servings. DMC Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospitals get the DMC Hospital Cereal Drive top honor with 26,962 servings.

Thanks to so many contributors, thousands of kids will have a healthy start of the day – because hunger doesn't take a summer vacation.

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Nightingale Awards

Every year Oakland University School of Nursing strives to recognize and honor the compassion, knowledge, and initiative of outstanding nurses. Awards are given based on nurses' achievements and community and professional involvement. Leadership, quality of care given, innovative practices and advances in research are also valued in the selection processes.

We are proud that five of Children's Hospital of Michigan nurses were nominated:

Administration: Cassie Chassie and Damita Williams
Education and Research: Katheryn Rohrhoff
Oakland University Distinguished Alumni: Emily Kather
Staff Nurse Practice: Jennie Basirico

Congratulations one and all!

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2013 Daisy Award Winner

Simon R. Keleel, BSN, RN

Congratulations to Simon R. Keleel, BSN, RN, upon receiving this year's Daisy Award. Simon is a graduate of Oakland University School of Nursing and has been with Children's Hospital of Michigan for two years. He works on 5 West.

"The most enjoyable part of my job is working with kids. I get the opportunity to smile, laugh, sing, and play all day with my patients. When they are sick I get to be at their side and work my hardest to make them feel better. Secondly, I love the team of nurses and patient care associates I work with. They are truly special and wonderful people," said Simon.

When asked what advice he would give a new nurse, he brought to mind what was shared by Dr. Jill Bolte, Ph.D, neuroanatomist and author of A Stroke of Insight: Always remember to, "take responsibility for the energy you bring to a space" and "…value the patient and value the connection."

Congratulations to the other nurses nominated for the Daisy Award. Your patients and their families value your compassion, dedication and professionalism.

Tricia Hartline – 6 East
Allison Luchovitz – 5 West
Julie Schramm – 6 East
Meghan Stenzel – 6 East
Mary Ellen Zajac – NICU

The DAISY Award is presented quarterly to publicly honor nurses who have provided exceptional and compassionate care to patients and families. It is based on information received from the At Your service (AYS) surveys completed by families. The DAISY Foundation was formed in January 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of complications from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpua. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

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Announcing the 2013 Inspiration
& Excellence Award Winners

The Professional Nursing Support Council (PNSC) is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Inspiration & Excellence Awards!

Emergency Room Technician of the Year: Darnita Kennedy
Medical Assistant of the Year: LaShawn Hamm
Medical Office Assistant of the Year: Cheryl Tarter
Patient Care Associate of the Year: Shamara Saffold

The Professional Nurses Council (PNC) is proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Inspiration & Excellence Awards!

Rookie of the Year: Caitlin Izworski
Nurse of the Year Advanced Practice: Heather McClain
Nurse of the Year Leadership: Nitin Nayak
Nurse of the Year Research & Education: Bethany Page
Nurse of the Year Seasoned and Generational Excellence: Elizabeth Rennie
Nurse of the Year Practice: Catherine Sokoloski
Children's Hospital of Michigan Nurse of the Year: Catherine Sokoloski
Friend of Nursing: Dr. Kevin Valentine

Congratulations one and all!

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Nurse of the Year:
Catherine Sokoloski

Catherine Sokoloski, RN, BSN, has been a nurse for ten years, the last five at Children's Hospital of Michigan. She was selected as Nurse of the Year and accepted a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a special certificate and plaque, various logo gifts plus a special nurse of the year pin. Catherine, a graduate of Macomb Community College, works in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic.

The greatest challenge Catherine faces is the death of patients, however she says, "Being there for patients and families during what may be the worse time of their lives" is what she loves the best about her work.

Catherine has experienced many wonderful and memorable moments over the last five years. She just could not pick one to share. However, she does have some advice for new nurses: "Knowledge comes in time, don't feel bad if you don't 'know it all' in the beginning. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and take advice from experts."

Congratulations, Catherine.

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Nurses of the Month

February 2013

Patti Sandstedt RN 6E
Acute Care

Patti has been with the Children's Hospital of Michigan since 1991, and is a graduate of St. Clair College. Her work during the entire time with us has been on 6E. She enjoys working with her patients, families and co-workers.

When asked what advice she would give to a new nurse she said, "Here at Children's we look at the whole family as the patient and need to remember that the parents know their child best. We all work as a team."

Kim Jurski, RN, BSN, Nurse Recruiter
Alternative Practice

Kim's parents encouraged her to go in to nursing. Her mother is an occupational therapist and her father is a firefighter. She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and came to the Children's Hospital of Michigan in 2007. Kim, formerly a nurse recruiter who previously worked in PICU, 4SW and NICU, has recently been promoted to manager of 5 West.

When asked what advice she would give a new nurse she said, "Don't be afraid to ask questions. Take advantage of every opportunity given to you because it's a chance to learn and grow as a nurse."

Brooke Leite, RN, BSN, PICU
Critical Care

Brooke began her work at the Children's Hospital of Michigan following graduation from Western Michigan University almost four years ago. She is currently working on the program for Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Acute Care, at Wayne State University.

How does Brooke feel about her work? She said, "I truly love the work I get to do at Children's in the ICU. Caring for Detroit's arguably most vulnerable population is rewarding in itself but watching the way kids bounce back from such devastating illnesses and invasive surgeries makes my job so rewarding. I love working with patient families, and helping them to see the little steps of progress their children make each day, when their achievement of wellness is going to be a long journey."

Brooke advises new nurses to, "Take it all in. There are so many opportunities to learn, experience, and change lives at Children's Hospital that you simply do not get anywhere else."

March 2013

Deanna Bergeron, RN
6W Acute Care

When Deanna was a high school student she met Heather Schaewe, an RN at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Heather became Deanna's role model and Deanna joined our nursing staff in 2006. She is a graduate of Oakland University and first worked as a student nurse associate and a member of the internal resource pool.

What does she love most about her work? Deanna said, "I work with amazing people who have great teamwork and are my second family. I also love taking care of children; I wouldn't change it for anything."

Amanda Hubbard, RN, OR
Alternative Practice

Amanda began at the Children's Hospital of Michigan 11 years ago. She attended University of Manitoba, Canada, and Macomb Community College. Among other careers she considered, one was as a paramedic. However a life changing event moved her to the decision to become a nurse. "My father died when I was young and the ICU nurse that was taking care of him was amazing with me, so she inspired me," recalled Amanda.

What does Amanda love most about her work? "Helping the children to feel better, and helping their families be as comfortable as possible during their stressful time. The greatest challenge is knowing when a patient is not going to get better, and the grief that goes along with that for the patient and family."

Cathy Farris RN, BSN, CPN, PICU
Critical Care

A graduate of Madonna University and has been with the Children's Hospital of Michigan for 15 years. For the past 22 years, she has also been a dance instructor. Over the years Cathy has experienced the ups and downs of tending to sick kids. When asked what she believes is most challenging, she responded: "Emotional families and very sick children make the job very difficult sometimes. We see the worst of the worst, or we see huge miracles. I started at Children's before I had kids. Now I have four of my own and I find it a lot harder to see those critical kids and their parents since I am a parent myself."

Cathy believes in miracles. She relayed a story about a four-year old girl who was critically ill and her outlook was quite grim. "Today she is walking, talking and alive and well. That was one of the many miracles I see."

April 2013

Grant Welmers, RN, 6W
Acute Care

Since Grant came to the Children's Hospital of Michigan in 2008, he has worked in the 6W Hematology/Oncology/
Renal/BMT unit. He has a degree from University of Michigan – Dearborn and a BSN from University of Detroit – Mercy.

What is his most memorable experience as a nurse? Grant said, "The connections we make with the kids are great. Working on a chronic unit we see a lot of the same kids over and over. One patient in particular loves card games so she and I have a running tournament against each other in Gin Rummy that carries over admission to admission. Most of the time she lets me win." Grant also noted: "We have such strong kids up here, and to watch them face the challenges they have is inspiring. To see them fight the way they do every day puts all other petty stresses in perspective."

Nancy Hanes, RN, CPN, Nephrology Clinic
Alternative Practice

Another 15-year veteran at Children's Hospital of Michigan graduated from Macomb Community College. In the beginning, for a few months, Nancy worked in the DMC Pool for all the hospitals and then was asked to be trained in Pediatrics – and stayed ever since. She currently works in the Nephrology Outpatient Clinic and previously worked in many inpatient areas including Horizons and Allergy and Immunology.

Nancy said that working in Pediatrics has been a very rewarding experience. She told the story about when there was a blackout at the hospital and how everyone worked together to take care of patients: "I walked around and handed out water and food to our employees and families. Everyone did whatever they could regardless of their title." That is just one more example of great teamwork at the Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Lori Delay, RN, RR, C-NPT, Transport Team
Critical Care

Lori is a long-time nurse with the Children's Hospital of Michigan. She has been at the hospital for 27 years. A graduate of Ferris State University and Henry Ford Community College, Lori has worked in respiratory therapy and PICU. She is now with ICTT. She became a respiratory therapist first because back in the 70s there were long waiting lists to enter nursing schools in Michigan.

Lori has experienced a great deal at the hospital over the years. What she loves the most? "I enjoy the challenge of getting that critically ill patient back to our hospital safely. Often the nurse at the referral hospital says thank God you're here, and that reminds me of how proud I am of our team, our training, and the fact that we are the only neonatal and peds team in the state."

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Education Updates

Congratulations to one and all for your outstanding educational achievements. It takes time and dedication to complete these exceptional degree programs. You make us proud to have you as part of the Children's Hospital of Michigan nursing team.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

From left: Kelley Ryan, Karen Mathieson, Moira Longworth and Beth Page

Moira Longworth MSN, RN
Master of Science, Nursing Education from Walden University
Acute Care Nurse Educator

Karen Mathieson
Master of Science in Nursing Education from Walden University
Acute Care Nurse Educator

Bath Page
Master of Science in Nursing Education from Walden University
Nurse Educator/Nursing Orientation & Residency Program Coordinator

Kelley Ryan
Master of Science in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist/Education from University of Detroit Mercy
Emergency Department Nurse Educator

Doctoral of Nursing Practice (DNP)

From left: JoAnne Vincent and Patricia Beierwaltes

Patricia Beierwaltes, DNP, RN, CPNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Coordinator Myelomeningocele Care Center
DNP from Oakland University

JoAnne Vincent, DNP, RN CPNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Neurosurgery
DNP from Oakland University

Nurse Residency Program: 18 Graduates

On behalf of Nursing Education and Nursing Management at the Children's Hospital of Michigan, we congratulate and recognize these new nurses for their hard work and achievement in completing the initial phase of nursing orientation," said Bethany Page, MSN, RN, CPN, nurse educator and coordinator, RN Residency Program. "Patient experiences, class content and support from others are invaluable parts of orientation that allows novice nurses to progress to proficient and competent nurses. However, we know that learning and nursing education doesn't stop when orientation is over. It is constant and necessary for continued professional growth and advancement. Our new nurses will continue to develop their nursing knowledge, practice, and confidence through ongoing education in post-residency professional development classes and support from their nursing departments.

Nurse Residency Program Graduates:

Jenny Alter BSN, RN – PICU
Alia Bazzi, BSN, RN – 6 East
Cassandra Bunker, BSN, RN – 5 West
Laura Guise, BSN, RN – 6 East
Alaysa Harbaugh, BSN, RN – PICU
Amanda Hooyboer, BSN, RN – E.D.
Brooke Julien, BSN, RN – E.D.
Jennifer Ketelhut, BSN, RN – E.D.
Margaret Masters, BSN, RN – PICU
Rosalie Mediati, BSN, RN – E.D.
Matthew Michalek, BSN, RN – E.D.
Michelle Minser, BSN, RN – 5 West
Hani Mohamud, BSN, RN – E.D.
Kelly O'Donnoghue, BSN, RN – E.D.
Margaret Scholtes, BSN, RN – E.D.
Colleen Champagne, BSN, RN – 5 East
Leslie Szalkai BSN, RN – 5 East
Andrea Venettis BSN, RN – 5 West

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New Leadership

Unit Manager, OBS Unit
Nitin Nayak, RN, BSN, MBBS
has been named manager of the OBS unit, in addition to 6W. Nitin received his BSN in 2004 from the University of Detroit Mercy and his Bachelor of Medicine Degree and Bachelor of Surgery from Kasturba Medical College in India. He is currently working on his Masters Degree in Health Services Administration. Nitin has been with the Detroit Medical Center for nine years. He joined Childrens in 2004 as a registered nurse. Prior to joining the DMC, he worked as a physician in the United Kingdom and India.

Unit Manager, 6 East
Debbie Ryan, RN, BSN, CPN
has been named Unit Manager of 6 East. Debbie graduated from Mercy College of Detroit with her BSN in 1986. She began her career in 1984 as a Student Nurse Associate at Children's before graduating as a nurse in 1986. She has spent her entire nursing career on 6 East in the role of staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse and clinical manager.

Nurse Recruiter
Sharon Joseph, RN, BSN
has accepted the position of Nurse Recruiter for CHM. Sharon graduated from Wayne State University and has held numerous roles within the hospital. After doing her clinical rotation at CHM, Sharon knew this was where she wanted to work. From staff nurse to her most recent role in the Care Management department, Sharon has always put the patients/ families first. Sharon has many years of experience at CHM and looks forward to supporting CHM as the new Nurse Recruiter.

Administrative Director for Inpatient Nursing and Respiratory Therapy
Brenda VanWallaghen, RN, MSN, NE-BC and Director of Nursing Practice
has been named Children's Hospital of Michigan Administrative Director for Inpatient Nursing and Respiratory Therapy. Brenda began her career at the Children's Hospital of Michigan as a staff nurse in 1985 after graduating from Madonna University with a B.S. in Nursing. She held many positions within CHM, including utilization management and airway management. She also worked for Children's Choice as a care coordinator, all while working toward a Masters of Nursing Administration degree from the University of Phoenix for which she received her degree in 2004. Brenda became the Director of Nursing Practice in 2012 and it is from that role that she is transitioning to Administrative Director for inpatient nursing and respiratory therapy.

Brenda co-led EMR implementation and adoption in 2005 for the Children's Hospital of Michigan patient care staff. She passed the Executive Nurse Certification Exam in 2009 and completed the DMC Leadership Academy in 2010.

Interim Director, ED
Claire Martin, RN, BSN, EMT-P
was recently named Interim Director for the Emergency Department. Claire graduated from the University of Phoenix with her BSN in 2011. Claire began her health care career in 2005 as an EMT-B and manager at Superior Ambulance. In 2007 Claire became a EMT-P and continued in her role as an EMS manager until graduating from nursing school. In 2010 Claire moved to Children's Hospital of Michigan to work as a pediatric nurse in the emergency department. Claire has 30 years of management experience both in restaurant and health care.

Nurse Manager, 5 East and the IV Team
Natalie Fisher, RN, BSN, CPN
has accepted the position of Unit Manager for 5 East and the IV Team. Natalie graduated from the University of Windsor with her BSN in 1989. She is dedicated to improving patient experience, along with employee satisfaction. Natalie began her nursing career in 1989 as a pediatric nurse at Henry Ford Hospital. In 2002, Natalie moved to Children's Hospital of Michigan to continue to care for pediatric patients and joined the Burn Surgery unit. Natalie has many years of Clinical Manager experience, along with previous Interim Manager experience, both at Children's and HFHS. She brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the 5 East team.

Nurse Manager, 5 West
Kim Jurski, RN, BSN
has accepted the position of Unit Manager for 5 West. Kim graduated from Eastern Michigan University with her BSN in 2007. She is currently obtaining her Masters of Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care from the University of Detroit Mercy and will be graduating in December.

Kim first fell in love with pediatrics when she had a nursing clinical rotation at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Kim was hired through the Versant Program upon graduation and has worked in the PICU, 4SW, and NICU. She has been the Children's Hospital nurse recruiter for the past year and a half and loves talking with students about opportunities for nurses at Children's. She is very excited to join the 5 West team.

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Nursing/PCS Town Hall

Please join us at our CHM Nursing/PCS Town Halls, presented by Damita J. Williams, Vice President, Patient Care Services.

Date Time Location
July 27, 2013 1130 to 1215 Boardroom A & B
July 27, 2013 1230 to 1315 Boardroom A & B
July 30, 2013 1130 to 1215 Classrooms 1, 2, & 3
July 30, 2013 1230 to 1315 Classrooms 1, 2, & 3
August 2, 2013 0100 to 0145 Boardroom A & B
August 2, 2013 0200 to 0245 Boardroom A & B

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