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Meet the Specialists

Nationally recognized pediatric specialists on staff at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Henry Ford Medical Group transplant surgeons also on staff, work together to serve the needs of pediatric Kidney Transplant Program patients.  The pediatric nephrology and transplant specialists on staff at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan work closely with pediatric urologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, specially trained pediatric nurses, pre- and post-transplant coordinators, social workers, dietitians, a pharmacist and child psychologist.

Pediatric Nephrologists

Tej K. Mattoo, MD, DCH, FRCP, FAAP Chief, Pediatric Nephrology and Hypertension

Amrish Jain, MD 

Rossana Baracco Maggi, MD 

Larry E. Fleischmann, MD 

Melissa Gregory, MD

Gaurav Kapur, MD

Sweety A. Srivastava, MD

Rudolph P. Valentini, MD, FAACP

Pediatric Urologist 

Yegappan Lakshmanan, M.D., FAAP, FRCS, Ed, Chief, Pediatric Urology

Transplant Surgeons

Dean Kim, MD, Chief, Transplant Services 

Lauren Malinzak, MD, Surgical Director, Living Donor Nephrectomy Program

Marwan Aboujoud, MD

David Bruno, MD

Jason Denny, MD

Gabriel Schnickel, MD

Atsushi Yoshida, MD


* The physicians listed on this website are members of the medical staff at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, but some are independent contractors who are neither employees nor agents of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan; and, as a result, these physicians are solely responsible for their actions in their medical practices.

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