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Children's Hospital of Michigan Nursing Grant Advisory Committee Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find information on how to request funding for a conference?
There are brochures in the nursing office. Contact your manager for information and an application. Go to the Children's Hospital of Michigan Nursing website.

2. Can I get funding for my nursing research project?
Yes. You must first discuss your project with your manager and Hitomi Kobayashi.

3. Can I get funding for my professional certification exam?
No.  These funds come from your unit or area operational budget.

4. Do I have to present a poster or oral presentation at a conference in order to get approved for funding?
No.  The advisory committee will award funds based on the priorities listed in the Funding Guidelines, Children's Hospital of Michigan Nursing Grant.      

5. Can I get money upfront, before I attend the conference?       

6. What do I have to do at CHM when I return from a funded conference?
Schedule a dissemination activity from the attended event within 90 days of the event.     

7. When are my receipts due after returning from the conference?
Within 2 weeks.

8. Can I go again this year?
Intent is to give as many staff as possible the opportunity to attend educational events. Each request will be considered individually.

9. Does my manager have to sign my request before it goes to the committee?
Yes, they must complete a section of the application.

10. Will I get hospital business time to attend the conference?

11. When are applications due in order to be in time for the next review?
By the last Friday of the month in order to be reviewed at the monthly meeting.

12. How will I know if my application was approved or not?
You will receive an email within one week of the monthly meeting.      

13. Can an employee of University Peds receive a grant from this fund?             
No. This particular grant is for employees of the Children's Hospital of Michigan only. However, you can contact the CHM Foundation at staff@chmfoundation.org about other funding options.    


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