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Group Volunteer Projects

Requests for community group visits must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Child Life Services department.

Guidelines include:
Everyone in the group must be at least 18 years or older.
Groups will be limited to 4 members or less.
Visits can be scheduled for Monday through Friday only.
Groups are generally invited to visit patients in our lobby, activity centers and outpatient clinic areas depending on the activity.  For privacy, confidentiality, infection control and general overall safety/security reasons, no patient room visits will be permitted.

For further information, please contact our Child Life Project Specialist at (313) 745-5364.

Some things that you could do:
Click here to access our service project idea list

Toys collected from one of the events below could help stock our toy shelves.

  • Host a Birthday Party, with gifts going to the DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan gift shelves
  • Facilitate a Bike-a-thon, entry fee is a new, unwrapped toy
  • Coordinate a Casual Clothes Day, entry fee is a package of new white socks
  • Have a Tea Party, fee is five Match Box cars
  • Host an All Night Party or Wear a Hat Day, admission is a toy, book or clothing

Some things that you could collect:

These items are very popular with our children! All items must be new. 

Match Box Cars Stickers Play-Dough
Crayola Crayons/Colored Pencils Mini Bubble Bottles "I Spy" books
Personal CD players Card Games, all types Infant toys/Rattles
School Supplies Word search Books Children's books
Recently releases family friendly DVDs Small craft kits (individual packs) Sudoko books
Puzzles (under 50 pieces) Colorful bandanas and scarves

For more ideas, check the "Toy Check List" at this link .

Collect Gently Used Clothing for our Clothes Closet

We service the entire hospital with casual clothing for children, teens and parents from our Clothes Closet.
Items that we could use:

  • Clothing donations should be in very good condition, in-season clothing and freshly washed.
  • Toiletries in travel sizes: shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushed, large tooth combs, hair gel, bandanas

We can use:

  • New underwear all sizes from toddler to adult
  • New socks of all sizes from toddler to adult
  • Sweat shirts and pants in all sizes up to 3XXX
  • Winter outerwear, coats, gloves, and hats
  • Infant clothing and items

Donations should be limited to three large bags at one time, as space is limited. Please call the volunteer office at 313-745-5326 if you have questions about the donation.

Knitting, Crocheting and Stitching

Our families love these hand made items!

  • Knitted and crocheted blankets should be at least 40'' x 40'' for babies and young children
  • Blankets for older children should be 40'' x 60''
  • Fleece blankets should be made with a yard and a half of fabric

Please call the volunteer office at (313)-745-5326 or email chmvolunteers@dmc.org if you have questions about the donation.

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