About the Neurosurgery Program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Children’s Hospital of Michigan treats the most children needing inpatient neurosurgery care in the State of Michigan.

What Is a Neurosurgery Second Opinion?

A second opinion is the opinion of a pediatric specialist other than your child’s current physician. In a neurosurgery second opinion, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital of Michigan will review your child’s medical records and give their opinion about your child’s diagnosis and how it should be treated.

Why Should You Consider a Neurosurgery Second Opinion?

A new or complex medical condition of a child may require an invasive surgery or a major treatment intervention. Children’s Hospital of Michigan offers a variety of surgical techniques tailored to each child. Getting a neurosurgery second opinion can help you understand your options for your child and offer you peace of mind.

Connect with our Nurse Navigator

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Neuroscience Nurse Navigator

Our neuroscience nurse navigator serves as a single point of contact for neuroscience families and patients navigating their specialty appointments, provides comprehensive patient education, provides support, ensures continuity of care and assists with neurosurgery second opinions. To connect with our neuroscience nurse navigator call 313-402-0342 or fill out the form above.

Next Steps:

  • Fill out our brief form and our nurse navigator will contact you within 24-48 hours.
  • Speak with your insurance company regarding second opinion coverage and referral requirements.
  • Gather medical records (biopsy or surgery reports, discharge reports and relevant diagnostic images)