Just for Doctors

The Children's Hospital of Michigan offers a variety of convenient services to enable referring physicians to have convenient access to our pediatric medical and surgical services and specialties. For your convenience, this page contains several helpful links to admit a patient, consult with a specialist, participate in our ongoing continuing medical education programming, accessing our pediatric and neonatal dedicated ambulance team, consulting with a specialist on staff directly or through our Physician Link Line mobile app. The site also includes helpful links to Children's Hospital of Michigan Physician Education and Research programs and to subscribe to or review past publications. For more information or to consult with a specialist on staff, call Physician Link Line at 877-99-4THEM(8436).

Physician Link Line logoChildren's Hospital of Michigan offers a one call admission process. You can admit your pediatric patient to the Children's Hospital of Michigan in one easy step. Just call the Physician Link Line at 1 (877) 99-4THEM(8436), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the answer is always YES!

If you have questions about admission to the hospital, call 1(877) 99-4THEM (8436) and speak to an administrative supervisor. For information about admitting privileges, please call a physician liaison at (313) 966-0527.