Outline of Curriculum

  1st year  2nd year  3rd year 
Block 1  CATH  CATH  Research 
Block 2  Inpatient  Research  Adult Congenital
Heart Disease 
Block 3  ECHO  CV Surgery  Inpatient 
Block 4  Research  Research  CATH 
Block 5  Inpatient  Electrophysiology  ECHO 
Block 6  CV Surgery  ECHO  Research 
Block 7  CATH  Inpatient  Research 
Block 8  ECHO  Research  Research 
Block 9  Research  Research  Stress/MRI 
Block 10  CATH  Transplant  Research 
Block 11  ECHO  Research  Inpatient
"Acting Attending" 
Block 12  Transplant  ECHO  Research 
Block 13  Stress/MRI  CATH  Research 

Example of the three year curriculum for Pediatric Cardiology