Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Our pediatric emergency medicine fellowship is a fully ACGME accredited program which offers 12 positions. Children's Hospital of Michigan considers highly qualified applicants who have completed pediatric or emergency medicine residencies in the United States or Canada. Typically the department receives more than 50 applications annually for four positions.

The main goal of the pediatric emergency medicine fellowship program is to train experts in the care of sick and critically ill or injured children. The clinical experience in the emergency department at Children's Hospital of Michigan is incomparable. With an annual volume of nearly 85,000 children, our Emergency Department (ED) has a high acuity level and an admission rate of approximately 14%. Children with complex medical and surgical conditions are regularly cared for at CHM. Also, as a regional referral center, our ED has the benefit of inheriting interesting cases from a large catchment area.

Our fellowship program has a structured educational, research and administrative program. The fellows work exclusively in the trauma area and care for the sickest medical and injured patients. The fellow research experience has been recently restructured with enduring positive results. The Children's Hospital of Michigan ED has a robust research infrastructure and is a member of the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN, Graduates from the past three classes of fellows have successfully published their research as well as many case reports and review articles. The education curriculum is standardized and is based upon the pediatric emergency medicine content specifications published by the American Board of Pediatrics. The administrative experience has been integrated into the program and fellows actively participate in quality improvement/assurance projects, M+M, and business meetings.

The ED is in a unique position providing high quality patient care while also providing outstanding customer service.

Our fellowship program has had excellent success with the pediatric emergency medicine board exam and graduates have had the pleasure of choosing among many job offers. We encourage any highly qualified applicant to consider our fellowship program. Fellows at our institution enjoy one of the two busiest pediatric ED's in the country and a structured educational, research and administrative experience.

Usha Sethuraman, MD

Katherine Hebert, MD

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