Monthly Educational/Divisional Activities

 Wednesday 7am Respiratory Lecture Series (previous topics include: Blood gas interpretation, physiology of gas transport, respiratory mechanics, respiratory monitoring-capnography, pulse oximetry and monitoring, invasive and noninvasive ventilation, flow volume loops, disease specific lectures)
Cardiovascular Lecture Series (previous topics include: Cardiovascular physiology, cardiopulmonary monitoring, mechanical ventilation in postoperative CV patients, inotropes, vasopressors, and vasodilators, Congenital heart disease basics and disease specific lectures, EKG interpretation, post-operative scenarios)
Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic Conference 
 12pm All Fellows Conference-Hospital wide conference addressing education, research, career guidance, and professionalism. 
Thursdays 12pm Division Meeting
Board Review
Journal Club
Case Discussion
 1:30pm Billing/Administrative Meeting 
 2pm Research Lecture Series/Statistics 
 3pm Quality Improvement Meeting
Morbidity and Mortality