What Type of Intern Are We Looking For?

We are looking for applicants who have mastered the basic assessment and therapy skills and have demonstrated a true interest in becoming a pediatric psychologist or a pediatric neuropsychologist. We are also looking for applicants who have a combination of the flexibility, tactfulness, assertiveness, and positive life outlook necessary to work in a multidisciplinary setting with medically ill children and their families. 

By the application deadline of November 15, the successful applicant needs to have met all of the following requirements: 
  1. A minimum of 400 AAPI assessment and 400 AAPI intervention hours on the AAPI electronic application 
  2. 10 completed WISC-IVs with integrative reports (other IQ tests are not adequate substitutes) 
  3. 10 completed WIAT-IIIs or Woodcock Johnson Psycho-Educational batteries with integrative reports. 
  4. 10 child and/or adolescent therapy cases: CBT individual or family therapy (not group therapy and not psychodynamic play therapy). At least six of these cases must have been completed; up to four can still be ongoing. Applicants headed for pediatric neuropsychology careers will be held to this standard as well. We receive many applications from such candidates who have little or no therapy experience but a great deal of neuropsychology experience; unfortunately, such applicants do not receive interviews. 
  5. Familiarity with one or more evidence-based therapy approaches for each of the following child/ adolescent presenting problems: depression, generalized anxiety, oppositional behavior, and at least one health related problem such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, etc. 
  6. Demonstrated interest in pediatric psychology, beyond general child and adolescent psychology. Applicants whom we interview have done one or more practicums in a pediatric psychology or developmental disability settings, worked on multidisciplinary teams, conducted research in a pediatric health setting, or have volunteered in hospital settings. Applicants headed for a career in pediatric neuropsychology can substitute medically-related pediatric neuropsychology practicum experience for a pediatric psychology practicum. Simply asserting in your AAPI essay that you want to be a pediatric psychologist or pediatric neuropsychologist is insufficient; you must have done something to show us that this indeed is your career path. 
  7. Must have advanced to candidate status for a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, or Counseling Psychology. 
Applicants must be enrolled in APA accredited doctoral programs. Applicants who do not meet these criteria will not be interviewed for our internship.