Student Nurse Associate and Extern Programs

For the May 2017 program, submit your application March 3-21st, 2017!
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General Information

Our Student Nurse Programs are for BSN students interested in Children's Hospital of Michigan Pediatric Nursing

  • These are paid, employee positions that students keep until completion of their BSN program
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited BSN Nursing program
  • Have completed at least 2 clinical rotations; one being a hospital Med/Surg rotation
  • Must be available to attend all orientation program classes at program start
  • See additional links to the right for more requirement information

Student Nurse Associate (SNA) Program

  1. Focus is on pediatric Acute Care specialties under direction with RNs and nursing team
  2. Receive hands on patient care experience. Some patients can be of moderate/intermediate acuity
  3. Orientation is 4-6 weeks in length (32-40 hours per week during orientation only)
  4. 12-hour shifts
  5. One weekend per month is required after orientation to maintain position; off-shifts expected
  6. SNAs welcome and encouraged to work additional shifts/blocks of time, if desired

    SNA Acute Care Specialties
    • General Pediatrics and Infectious Disease Unit- 6 East
    • Hematology/Oncology/Nephrology/Urology/Bone Marrow Transplant Unit- 6 West
    • Surgery and Surgical Step-Down/Burns/Trauma/ Physical Rehabilitation-5 East
    • General Pediatrics and Endocrine Unit- 5 West

Student Nurse Externship (SNE) Program

  1. Focus in the Critical Care specialties under strict direction of RN and nursing team
  2. Receive hands on patient experience. Patients will be of intermediate to critical but stable acuity
  3. Orientation period 4-6 weeks but varies (32-40 hours per week during orientation only)
  4. 12-hour shifts
  5. Work hours vary after orientation but weekly-biweekly shifts are typical to maintain position
  6. Weekends/off-shifts should be anticipated/expected

    SNE Critical Care Specialties
    • Pediatric Intensive and Intermediate Care (PICU)
    • Emergency Department (ED)
    • Neonatal Intensive and Intermediate Care (NICU)

Application Information

Informational SNA/SNE Brochure
Application Timeline/Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about the SNA or SNE program, contact: