Safe Baby Academy - Protecting Your Sleeping Baby

Babies dying before their first birthday is a national crisis. Of the 418 infants that died in Michigan due to sleep-related deaths, 121 were in Wayne County and 81 of those were in the City of Detroit. Most sleep-related deaths are 100% preventable. The following safety tips can protect your precious little one while they sleep.

  • Always place baby on their back when sleeping
  • Always place baby in a safety approved crib or pack ‘n play with a firm mattress, covered by a fitted sheet
  • Always make sure baby’s face is uncovered
  • Always use a sleep sack (wearable blanket) for warmth
  • Never use pillows, blankets, quilts or bumpers in the crib
  • Never place baby on an adult bed, couch, waterbed or recliner, even fora short nap
  • Never keep stuffed animals or toys in the crib
  • Never overdress or overheat baby while sleeping
  • Never smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the house with baby
  • Never sleep with baby or co-sleep baby with ANYONE—child or adult
  • Offer baby a pacifier a bedtime and naptime​

Safe Baby Academy - Protecting Your Sleeping Baby program at the Children's Hospital of Michigan teaches caregivers how to reduce the risks of death associated with an unsafe sleep environment and protect young infants while they sleep.

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