Smoke Alarm Installation

Only valid for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County Michigan, U.S.A.

Having working smoke detectors properly installed in your home can dramatically increase one's chances of surviving a fire. The Kohl's Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) program offers the Smoke Alarm Installation Program. This community outreach program provides a team to install smoke detectors in the home free of charge and offers fire prevention education to qualified families.

Download the Smoke Detector Request Form or Register Online

Download the Smoke Alarm Installation Volunteer Form or Register Online

How Does the Smoke Alarm Installation Program Work?

Teams of trained volunteers from Children’s Hospital of Michigan, local agencies from the community and KIPP school volunteers partner together and install smoke detector(s) in homes of identified families.

How Can My Home be Identified for a Smoke Alarm Installation?

Smoke detector request forms are available at KIPP participating schools and local agencies. Once completed, the form must be returned to the school/agency or fax to (313) ​745-​8891. If the completed smoke detector request form indicates there are floors in the home without working smoke detector(s), the family will be identified as eligible for a smoke alarm(s) installation.

What Happens on Installation Day?

A representative will contact the identified families to arrange a day for a team to come and install the smoke detectors(s) in the home. A smoke detector will be installed on all floors that do not have one. Smoke detector(s) currently in the home will be checked to see if they are working properly. Batteries will be changed as necessary, and smoke detector(s) found to be outdated or not working properly will be replaced.

What is Required from the Families?

To have a smoke detector(s) installed, a family member that is 18 years or older must be home. The family is also asked to make a commitment to test the smoke alarm once a month, develop a fire escape plan, practice escape routes regularly, and maintain the smoke detector(s) in the home.

Fire Safety Education

At the time of installation, volunteers will provide you and your family with education on developing and practicing fire escape routes, checking your smoke detector(s), changing your batteries and the importance of keeping properly working smoke detector(s) in your home at all times.