KIPP Programs

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Below is a summary of Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) programs:

Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) provides injury prevention education and establishes initiatives to decrease preventable injuries and deaths in children. The KIPP program also provides some of the necessary safety equipment (i.e. bike helmets, smoke alarms, car seats, pack ’n plays, etc.) to communities in need. School/Organization Information

Kohl’s Cares Brains Be Safe is a spring/summer program for the tri-county area. KIPP team travels to school events (i.e. parent teacher conferences, ice cream socials, safety/health fairs, etc.) and educates students and staff on bike and pedestrian safety. Helmet events are also held at community events and city-wide events. Bike Safety and Helmet Program

Kohl’s Cares Safe Travel Program helps parents and caregivers with passenger safety education and car seats, car beds, special needs car seats and any other passenger safety needs they may have. This program also holds community car seat checks and passenger safety education. Car Seat Checks allow families to get their car seat checked with their child in it and while the seat is in the car. Steps to Safe Transportation

Kohl’s Safe Baby University is a workshop designed to teach expectant parents and caregivers the basic injury prevention practices necessary to keep their newborn infant safe after arriving home from the hospital. Attendees receive a free car seat upon class completion.

Kohl’s Safe Toddler University is a workshop designed to teach parents and caregivers the basic injury prevention practices necessary to keep their toddler safe.

Kohl's Smoke Alarm Installation Program provides fire safety education in the community along with installing 10 year lithium smoke alarms to families in need. This is a volunteer driven program. If you would like to help us install smoke alarms, please contact us.

Kohl's Cares CPR Community supports CPR education in the community through Children's Hospital of Michigan. The Kohl's Cares Program / KIPP team provides infant and child CPR education in the community. KIPP staff are certified CPR educators and hold classes in the community to help caregivers learn how to prevent and respond to infant and child choking and respiratory emergencies.

Other Programs and Affiliations:

Safe Baby Academy - Protecting Your Sleeping Baby teaches parents / caregivers of newborns to identify and eliminate hazardous sleeping environments (i.e. soft bedding, co-sleeping) and behaviors (i.e. placing baby on stomach) that could led to a sleep-related death. To attend participants must be at least six months pregnant or be the primary caregiver of an infant less than 3 months old. Attendees receive a free pack 'n play upon class completion.

Safe Kids Metro-Detroit is a coalition of partners interested in protecting children from unintentional injury. Safe Kids Metro-Detroit serves Wayne and parts of Oakland counties by conducting a variety of injury prevention initiatives aimed at increasing safety awareness and provides car seat checks in the community.

Safe Sitter Classes® for girls and boys age 11 to 15 years of age teach participants how to understand and deal with children of different ages, how to handle life-threatening emergencies and when and how to call for help. They also learn basic first aid as well as how to perform infant, child choking rescue and CPR. Classes are held at the Kresge Eye Institute in the Detroit Medical Center.