PICU Fellow Schedule:

  • Schedule: Our yearly schedule is separated into 13 4-week blocks
    • First year 
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 1 block catheterization lab 
      • 1 block anesthesia 
      • 5 blocks research
    • Second year 
      • 1 block Transport (in 2nd or 3rd year)
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 6-7 blocks research
    • Third year
      • 1 block Transport (in 2nd or 3rd year)
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
        • One block is a Junior attending month (call free)
      • 6-7 blocks research
  • Call Schedule: The intensive care unit is staffed with 3 fellows each day and one PICU fellow at night. ICU attendings are also in house with fellows 24/7. PICU fellows are assigned to 24 hour shifts during all service and research months with the exception of one month during the senior year: one month of call-free time while acting as junior attending. The distribution of calls is as follows:
    1st year fellows: 5-6 calls per month
    2nd year fellows: 4-5 calls per month
    3rd year fellows: approximately 3 calls per month

Divisional and Educational Activities: 

  • Critical Care Fellow Lecture: A Critical Care division faculty member gives a lecture on a variety of topics including respiratory physiology, cardiovascular topics, ECMO, traumatic brain injury, etc. This is a protected fellow lecture.
  • All Fellow Conference: Hospital wide conference for fellows from all specialties addressing education, research, career guidance, and professionalism.
  • Grand Rounds: Hospital wide conference 
  • Surgical Conference 
    • General Surgery conference
      • Cardiothoracic Surgery conference 
  • Division Meeting 
  • Education
    • Board Review: Fellows present board questions and attendings and fellows go through them together review core concepts and test taking strategies. Our program director Dr. Sarnaik has previous experience writing and reviewing questions for the critical care boards.
    • Journal Club: A journal article is presented by a fellow and discussed as a division
    • Case Discussion: A patient case is presented by a fellow and teaching points are discussed 
    • Book Club: All the fellows read a chapter of Rogers or Furhrman or articles and we discuss the readings. This is a protected fellow lecture. 
  • Quality Assurance Committee: Multi- disciplinary meeting with nurses, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, and social work to discuss quality issues in the PICU and improve quality of care we provide. 
  • Morbidity and Mortality: We discuss and review all the deaths and any issues regarding their deaths. Usually done at the Quality Assurance Committee meetings

    Please see an example of our monthly educational schedule.  

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