PICU Fellow Schedule:

  • Schedule: Our yearly schedule is separated into 13 4-week blocks
    • First year 
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 1 block catheterization lab 
      • 1 block anesthesia 
      • 0.5 blocks CV – OR 
      • 4.5 blocks
    • Second year 
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 7 blocks research
    • Third year
      • 4 blocks of ICU service 
        • One block is a Junior attending month (call free)
      • 2 blocks of CV- ICU service 
      • 7 blocks research
  • Call Schedule: The intensive care unit is staffed with 3 fellows each day and one PICU fellow at night. ICU attendings are also in house with fellows 24/7. PICU fellows are assigned to 24 hour shifts during all service and research months with the exception of one month during the senior year: one month of call-free time while acting as junior attending. The distribution of calls is as follows:
    1st year fellows: 5-6 calls per month
    2nd year fellows: 4-5 calls per month
    3rd year fellows: approximately 3 calls per month

Divisional and Educational Activities: 

  • Critical Care Fellow Lecture: A Critical Care division faculty member gives a lecture on a variety of topics including respiratory physiology, cardiovascular topics, ECMO, traumatic brain injury, etc. This is a protected fellow lecture.
  • All Fellow Conference: Hospital wide conference for fellows from all specialties addressing education, research, career guidance, and professionalism.
  • Grand Rounds: Hospital wide conference 
  • Surgical Conference 
    • General Surgery conference
      • Cardiothoracic Surgery conference 
  • Division Meeting 
  • Education
    • Board Review: Questions: Fellows present board questions and we go through them together learning the material and test taking skills. 
    • Journal Club: A journal article is presented by a fellow and discussed as a division
    • Case Discussion: A patient case is presented by a fellow and teaching points are discussed 
    • Book Club: All the fellows read a chapter of Rogers or Furhrman or articles and we discuss the readings. This is a protected fellow lecture. 
  • Quality Assurance Committee: Multi- disciplinary meeting with nurses, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, and social work to discuss quality issues in the PICU and improve quality of care we provide. 
  • Morbidity and Mortality: We discuss and review all the deaths and any issues regarding their deaths. Usually done at the Quality Assurance Committee meetings

    Please see an example of our monthly educational schedule.