Pediatric Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship

The education curriculum is divided into 13 blocks (4 weeks each) per year. During the 3 years, fellows do 13 blocks of NICU clinical service at the level IV NICU at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan , and level III and level II NICU at Hutzel Women’s Hospital. Besides this, fellows do two elective rotations in the fields of their interest. They have the opportunity to choose from Maternal-fetal medicine, Pharmacology, Radiology, Anesthesia, Palliative care, Cardiology, Pediatric surgery and Cardiovascular surgery.

A multi-faceted didactic program has been incorporated into the fellowship curriculum, that includes one hour education activity every Monday-Thursday. These educational activities include:


  • Journal club
  •  Research Seminar
  • Board review
  • Physiology core lecture
  • Complex case conference
  • Quality Improvement Initiative presentations
  • Clinico-pathological conference
  • Business meeting
  • Peer review conference (Review of mortalities)
  • Neuromonitoring conference (multidisciplinary conference in collaboration with neuroradiologists and neurologists)
  • Ethics conference


In addition, every Thursday there is a joint conference with obstetrics where the maternal fetal medicine fellows and neonatology fellows jointly present mortality and morbidity, complex cases and topics that are of interest to both divisions.

Every Wednesday, there is a hospital wide weekly Fellowship Research and Education Seminar which concentrates on scholarship areas common to all fellowships such as statistics, grant and scientific writing skills, and medical ethics. This also serves as a forum for presenting fellow research projects for valuable feedback early in the project design.

Every Friday, Pediatric Grand Rounds are held where internationally recognized researchers give talk on topics related to different fields of Pediatrics.

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