9-year-old girl helps collect, deliver toys to Children's Hospital of Michigan

by User Not Found on Aug 4, 2021, 15:09 PM

Sophia Killingbeck was hospitalized 5 years ago

A 9-year-old Michigan girl is working to bring presents to kids at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

During the holidays the hospital receives a lot of donations, but those donations start to run low in the summer. That’s why Sophia Killingbeck is hoping to make a difference.

Five years ago, Sophia Killingbeck spent her entire summer inside the hospital.

“She was completely paralyzed, blind, unable to speak and had lost all cognitive skills,” her mother Kristy Killingbeck said.

Sophia Killingbeck made a full recovery. Now, she likes to give back to the hospital every year through the hospital’s Christmas in July program.

Sophia Killingbeck said the toys and artwork helped her feel better.

“Every time I got a present I felt like I wasn’t alone,” Sophia Killingbeck said.

She was able to donate an entire truckload of toys this year. Kristy Killingbeck said being back at the hospital brings up a lot of emotions, but she’s thankful to watch her daughter give back.

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