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Children's Hospital of Michigan published a paper on renal scarring in children who participated in the RIVUR Trial. The RIVUR Trial was designed primarily to evaluate the role of antimicrobial prophylaxis in the prevention of UTI recurrence in children 2-71 months old with grade I-IV primary VUR diagnosed after first or second febrile or symptomatic UTI. The most important observations were that more renal scarring occurred in relatively older and not younger children as is often mentioned in the literature. It also confirmed that kidney units with grade IV VUR are at a significantly higher risk of scarring as compared to low-grade or no VUR. RIVUR Trial did not include children with grade V VUR. Read more here.

Children's Hospital of Michigan is at the forefront of using arteriovenous fistula (AVF) or grafts for chronic hemodialysis in children as compared to central venous catheters, the use of which is discouraged in all age groups. The results were published in the Journal Pediatric Nephrology. Currently, 92% of our hemodialysis patients have AVF/graft compared to the national pediatric average of 20% a few years ago.

A systematic approach for the management of hypertension in children with catecholamine-secreting tumors was published in the Journal Clinical Hypertension.

Breakthrough NIH Study by the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Nephrology Researcher Will Have Major Implications for Treating Pediatric UTIs