Services and Innovations

Pediatric ENT specialists on staff at the Children's Hospital of Michigan are experienced in performing innovative procedures, including:

  • Radio Frequency tonsillectomy
  • Endoscopic airway reconstruction
  • Balloon dilation of the airway and sinuses
  • Cochlear implants
  • Baha Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Physicians on staff in the ENT Department also offer minimally invasive approaches to treatment.  Procedures that once required open surgery and lengthy inpatient hospital stays can now be treated effectively in an outpatient setting with a minimally invasive, endoscopic approach.  The benefits of minimally invasive endoscopic procedures include faster recovery, fewer complications, less blood loss and pain.

The ENT staff are also actively researching the prevention and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders in children. Research has included participation in clinical trials involving coblation tonsillectomy, computer-assisted robot-enhanced surgery-CARES, pediatric imaging and raman spectroscopy.