Surgery Express/OR Tour

The Children's Hospital of Michigan's surgical suite consists of 14 operating rooms. The hospital has a pediatric-specific anesthesiology department. Surgeons perform more than 14,000 procedures here every year-everything from tubes in the ears, to open heart surgery, to heart and liver transplant. An international leader in neurosurgery, Children's Hospital of Michigan treats kids from around the world with neurological disorders.

Join Jacob and Peter as they tour the Operating Room.

Beginning of the tour, putting on the gowns to head to the operating room. Peter said, “Putting on the gowns is a little embarrassing. The hats are pretty funny looking.”
jacob and peter on hospital bed
Peter, “I thought it was cool riding on the surgery express. The operating room looked kind of like a laboratory with lots of machines.”
children touring operating room
Peter and Jacob, “We liked bringing “Skippy” and “Goldie” because they made us feel better” (stuffed animals in the photos).
child with stuffed animal
Jacob talking about Peter after surgery, “Peter looked a little scary. I didn’t like seeing Peter bloody. I brought him a special rock from the lake.”
child in surgical clothing
Peter, “The mask smells horrible.” Jacob, “Grape smells really good.” Peter, “I feel a little scared for my operation” (when putting the mask on his face).
child using breathing mask
Peter, “I found out that the I.V. is a straw not a needle. That made me feel better about the I.V.”
child looking at needle
Ms. Erin told me that “the I.V. is a bag of water. They only use the needle to put it in. It gives my body a drink of water.”
nurse talking to children
“The donut pillow under my head felt comfortable.” “It’s a little scary to lie down on the table since that means it’s the beginning of the surgery.”
nurse and doctor talking to child
Peter, “I liked reading in the book about the surgery. It helped explain some stuff I didn’t know.”
child looking at picture with nurse
Peter, “It’s OK to be nervous. You’ll be OK. That’s why we have doctors to take care of you.”
happy child in surgery room
Peter liked seeing his little brother take a turn on the operating table. Jacob said, “it was awesome.”
children learning from doctor