How to Start the Process

If your child has advanced kidney disease or is on dialysis, it’s time to start considering kidney transplantation. The sooner you begin the process, the faster your child can get back to living.

Here are the simple steps you can take to get started on your transplant journey: 

  • Attend a kidney transplant orientation to learn about the procedure.
  • Meet with pediatric nephrologists, transplant surgeons on staff and Kidney Transplant Program dietitians and social workers to determine the patient’s readiness and need for a transplant.
  • Additional pediatric medical specialists on staff may also be involved in the initial evaluation, including urologists, child psychologists and specially trained transplant nurses.
  • After the initial evaluation, the physicians and specialists convene as a patient selection committee to decide if a child is ready for transplantation.
  • If the child is ready for transplantation, he/she will be listed on the 

UNOS waiting list for a deceased donor kidney – even if a living donor candidate has volunteered to donate a kidney to the child. Since it may take a long time for a deceased donor kidney to become available, it’s wise to list the child on the UNOS database in case something unexpected comes up and the living donor cannot donate his/her kidney after all.