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Travel and Diabetes

Nov 18, 2019

Diabetes should not interfere with vacations and travel.  With proper planning and a backpack, travel can be as enjoyable for you / your child as for anyone else. Diabetes care cannot take a vacation, and good testing, record keeping, and analysis will keep most problems at bay.

Vacation tips:

  • Pack 30% more diabetes supplies and insulin than needed (For a 7 day trip pack 9 days of supplies).
  • Pack extra glucose tablets, juice and snacks.
  • When traveling by car, keep insulin, test strips and Glucagon in a zip-lock bag in a cool location (NOT ON ICE).
  • When traveling by airplane keep all needed supplies in a carry-on bag; packed items in the luggage compartment may freeze.Carry the insulin box and prescription with you.
  • Please visit the TSA’s website for a detailed list and recommendations about diabetes supplies, medication and the proper procedures to follow.
  • Arrange for a small refrigerator at your hotel/accommodations for storage of your supplies and snacks.
  • Wear your diabetes ID.
  • Bring your diabetes team numbers, your chart/notes on your calculations, sick day rules, and hypoglycemia treatment guidelines.
  • If there will be any time change, check with the diabetes team a few days prior to the trip.We can make suggestions regarding your itinerary, meal and insulin times and adjustments.
  • Make a point of reviewing the day’s events, blood glucose levels, insulin doses and any problems at the end of each day, and make plans for changes to avoid any problems the next day.