Art Therapy FAQs

How is art therapy different than arts and crafts?

While making art in any form can be therapeutic, art therapy always has a meaning behind what the patient and therapist are doing. Along with the art therapist, your child can set goals and outcomes and have a purpose in mind.

Child 4 wheeler with paint on itWho provides art therapy services?

Art therapists have a master's degree in art therapy and are part of the Child Life Services team at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

What are the benefits of art therapy?

Giving children a different way to deal with their hospitalization can be helpful in their overall recovery. Creating with art materials is a basic skill that most children find relieving and empowering.

What might your child expect in an art therapy session?

  • Support
  • One-on-one attention
  • Opportunity to make choices of what projects or materials to use
  • Self expression
  • Relaxation

How can my child begin receiving art therapy services?

Art therapy is currently being used in specific departments in the hospital. For further information call (313) 745-5312.

Art Therapy

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