Meet the Team

Sinéad Nimmo, BA, CCLS
Child Life Project Specialist
Special Events / Donations
Phone: (313) 745-5364

Please direct inquiries regarding special events & donations to Sinéad Nimmo

Child Life Specialists

Alex Cyr, BA, CCLS
Unit: Burn, Surgery & Rehabilitation
Phone: (313) 993-0899

Bria Bonner, BA, CCLS
Unit: Urology Clinic
Phone: (313) 745-5234

Hannah Carroll, BAA, CCLS
Unit: Emergency Department
Phone: (313) 745-4393

Kristen Frick, BSW, CCLS
Unit: Hematology, Oncology, Nephrology
Phone: (313) 745-9263

Maria Sherry, BA, MA, CCLS
Unit: Cardiology, PICU
Phone: (313) 966-2318

Maureen Stys, BA, CCLS, CIMI, CPST
Manager, Child Life & Volunteer Services
Phone: (313) 745-8617

Stefanie Nestor, BS, CCLS
Unit: Endocrine, Pulmonary, Neurology, Neurosurgery
Phone: (313) 745-6502

Tiffany Heinz, BA, CCLS
Unit: Same Day Surgery
Phone: (313) 745-6502


School Teachers

Denise Rudzki, Ph.D.
Phone: (313) 745-5652

Loraine Hodgson, MA
Detroit Public Schools
Phone: (313) 745-1124

Art Therapist

Victoria Goldsmith, MA
Phone: (313) 745-5312

Music Therapists

Erica Cyrul, MS, MT-BC
Phone: (313) 745-5312

Jody Conradi Stark, Ph.D., MT-BC
Phone: (313) 745-5312

Yoga Therapist

Maysaa Chammout
Phone: (313) 745-5652

Build Up STEAM

Christina Skeens
Phone: (313) 966-9978

For practicum & internship program inquiries, please email [email protected]

Child Life Services

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