Advanced Diagnostics, Services and Treatment


Advanced imaging technology is vital for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of pediatric neurological diseases.  Specialized services encompassing neonatal neurocritical care at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan include:

  • Mobile neurological assessment by critical care nurses who have undergone the special training, as well as mobile infant cooling with PANDA One Intensive Care Transport using Tecotherm. Visit to learn more.
  • Standardized neonatal neurological assessment, performed by physicians who are all trained in this evidence-based assessment and were certified for multicenter research trials in HIE.
  • Neurological monitoring through long-term (72 hour) video EEG and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).
  • Swaddling technique utilized for MRI to reduce neonatal anesthesia.
  • Neurological protection and preservation through infant cooling and, if indicated, pediatric neurosurgery.
  • Family-centered care single-room NICU.
  • Ongoing research studies on noise control and music therapy in neonates to promote optimal neurodevelopment.
  • Multidisciplinary rounding and development of care plan
  • Continuum of care: Multidisciplinary Developmental Assessment Clinic will follow all NeuroNICU patients for five years. This prolonged follow up care includes collaborative care plans with physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and neuropsychology.

Panda One Intensive Care Transport

Children's Hospital of Michigan's PANDA One offers a dedicated pediatric and neonatal ambulance service and team. A talented group of highly trained Panda One nurses with expertise and certifications in advanced pediatric and neonatal life support lead this team. Every day they stand ready to transport sick and/or injured children who require specialized pediatric medical and/or surgical care from referring hospital intensive care units, emergency rooms and private physician offices. PANDA One's critical care nursing expertise combined with the full nationally recognized Children's Hospital of Michigan ensures children have access to the advanced care when they need it most.

PANDA One is available to referring physicians and hospitals any time, day or night and is equipped to transport a variety of patients-from extremely small preterm infants weighing less than one pound to children through age 21.

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) has expanded its Pediatric and Neonatal Ambulance service (PANDA One), to include two full time care teams available for transporting sick children from area hospitals to Children’s Hospital for advanced pediatric medical and/or surgical specialty care.

Ronald McDonald House

Out-of-town families can stay in the Ronald McDonald House, conveniently located up the street from Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  Ronald McDonald House of Detroit offers a number of amenities including: a private bedroom and bathroom for your family (one per family), round-trip shuttle service from the House to hospital, three living room spaces, laundry facilities, a children’s playroom, a teen room, a large kitchen with daily home cooked meals, and WiFi.

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