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How to Treat a Low Blood Sugar

Nov 18, 2019
  • If you suspect a low blood sugar… TEST IT.
  • If the BS is below the recommended guideline for your age (<90 for those 5 years and under, <80 for those 6-12 years and <70 for those 13 years and older)…
    1. Drink or eat a fast acting carb (about 15 grams of carbs)
      • 4 oz of juice or 4 oz of regular pop
      • 15 skittles or 4 starbursts
      • 3-4 glucose tabs
      • 8 oz of milk or 4 oz of chocolate milk
    2. Recheck BS in 15 minutes. If it is still low then repeat the steps. If it is in normal range then eat a small snack or your regular meal.
  • If the BS is actually below 50 then double the treatment. (For example: take 8 oz of juice instead of 4 oz or 30 grams of carb)
If the child is passed out or unconscious give glucagon and / or call 911. DO NOT attempt to put anything in their mouth at this time as they will choke.