Where we Train

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Meet the Faculty

  • Pavadee Poowuttikul, MD
  • Division Chief and Program Director

  • Cristina Cotronei-Cascardo, MD
  • Milind Pansare, MD
  • Elizabeth Secord, MD
  • Divya Seth, MD

Meet the Residents/Fellows
*Status as of July, 2020

  • *Graduated fellow: Jenny Huang, MD
  • *Second year fellow: Shweta Saini, MD
  • *First year fellow Aishwarya Navalpakam, MD

  • Graduated fellows:
  • Our graduates have joined both academic institutions and private practice across the U.S. About 40% of our fellows stay in an academic practice after graduation. Our recent graduates are;

  • Marwa El-Bohy, MD
  • Bani Kaur, MD
  • Naveen Nannapaneni, MD
  • Roula Daher, MD
  • Pamella Abghari, MD
  • Humaa Bhatti, MD