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The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is the only hospital in metropolitan Detroit that provides comprehensive family-centered, pediatric cardiac services. The hospital provides some of the most advanced medical and surgical critical care services available to pediatric cardiac patients in metro Detroit. Children's Hospital of Michigan provides a full range of services for newborns, infants, children and adolescents with congenital or acquired heart disease and for adults with congenital heart disease as well as management of patients requiring a heart transplant. Children’s Hospital of Michigan is the only hospital in Metropolitan Detroit designated as an accredited center of care for providing high-quality cardiac care to children with cardiomyopathy.

The Cardiologists in the Pediatric Cardiology Department at Children's Hospital of Michigan have an active research program focusing on a wide variety of cardiac diagnoses seen and treated by our doctors.

Comprehensive Services and Treatment

Pediatric cardiologists on staff provide a full range of invasive and non-invasive procedures, including screening of children at risk of developing acquired heart problems, stress testing, color doppler echocardiography, electrophysiology, pacemakers and cardiac catheterization.  In most elective cases, catheterization is an outpatient procedure. 

The intermediate inpatient unit is dedicated to cardiology, with telemetry equipment that allows patients to move about freely while their heart functions are monitored continuously.  The nurses on this unit are specialists in pediatric cardiac care. The hospital provides the most advanced medical and surgical critical care services available to pediatric cardiac patients in metro Detroit.

Surgical Procedures

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery is a leader in the surgical repair of congenital heart defects in children, with special expertise in the primary repair of heart disease in newborns and infants. On average more than 250 surgical procedures are performed by cardiovascular surgeons at Children's Hospital of Michigan every year.

Cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists on the medical staff at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan are experts in the use of hybrid approaches to repair certain forms of complex congenital heart disease.

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is one of the nation leaders in the use of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) — an advanced technology that functions as a temporary replacement for a child’s heart and lungs before and after cardiovascular surgery.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved use of the Berlin Heart, the first ventricular assist device made specifically for pediatric patients.  Ventricular assist devices are used when a patient needs a heart transplant, but can’t wait for a donor heart to become available. The Berlin Heart assists the failing heart often until an appropriate donor heart can be found.  Surgeons on the medical staff at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan are among the leaders in the use of this advanced technology and testified to the FDA about its life-saving benefits.

Surgery patients are treated by renowned exemplary multidisciplinary team that specializes in the care of pediatric cardiac surgical patients. In preparation for surgery, patients and their families are given an opportunity to visit the intensive care unit prior to their procedure.

Diagnosing and treating children’s heart disease requires specialized knowledge and a dedicated team-approach to care.  The Children’s Hospital of Michigan is equipped with the experience your child needs when going through this difficult time.

Pediatric Cardiac Conditions Seen and Treated

Acquired Heart Disease

  • Bacterial Endocarditis
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart Failure 
  • Kawasaki Disease- Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome
  • Lipid Disorders, Hypertension and Healthy Living 
  • Marfan Syndrome 
  • Pericarditis 
  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

Common Reasons for Seeing a Cardiologist

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Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Services

For further information or to schedule an appointment call (313) 745-KIDS or toll-free at (888) 362-2500.

Cardiovascular Services

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