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The Fetal Care Center at DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan provides a comprehensive fetal care program for prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies to prepare for timely and successful postnatal treatment. Our pediatric specialists in Michigan and other healthcare providers offer patients a complete range of prenatal testing and fetal interventions in one place for the mother and child before and after birth.

At the Fetal Care Center, you and your family will receive care in one easily accessible space where healthcare specialists come to you. You can deliver at your planned hospital of choice. Our multidisciplinary fetal care team works together in partnership with your provider to meet you and your baby’s unique needs.

DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan is nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America's best pediatric hospitals providing specialized care to children and their families since 1886.

What Is Fetal Care?

Fetal care or fetal medicine focuses on diagnosing, managing and providing treatment for health concerns that a pregnant woman and the baby may experience before, during and immediately after pregnancy. It is important to start fetal care early to identify potential health risks and congenital conditions and prevent them as early as possible. Getting checked early also helps the doctor determine if the mother needs to be referred to a high-risk pregnancy doctor or if there are other things required to go through a safe labor and delivery.

Our Multidisciplinary Fetal Care Team

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It takes a village to provide the best care possible for the unique needs of pregnant women and babies with health concerns. The good thing is, our multidisciplinary team at the Fetal Care Center is experienced in providing the kind, compassionate care and support you need. Our multidisciplinary fetal care team includes:

Take a Tour of our Fetal Care Center

We know that sometimes care needs to start before your baby is born and that it can take a village to ensure you and baby and cared for. When it does, you can count on Children's Hospital of Michigan Fetal Care Center. Watch the video below to learn more and take a tour.

Connect with Our Fetal Care Nurse Navigator

Getting fetal care early can help keep you and your baby safe, healthy and prepared for labor and delivery. Call 313-745-8324 or email [email protected] for more information.

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Aerodigestive Clinic - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
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Cardiology - 4th Floor Carls Bldg.
Cardiovascular Surgery - 4th Floor Carls Bldg.
Craniofacial Anomalies/Oral Cleft - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
EEG Testing, 3rd Floor Main Hospital
ENT/Otolaryngology - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Hematology/Oncology - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Michigan Congenital Heart Center, 4th Floor Carls Bldg.
MRI - Ground Floor Main Hospital
Neurosurgery - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
Ophthalmology - 1st Floor Carls Bldg.
Orthopaedic Surgery - 1st Floor Main Hospital
Pain Management Clinic - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
Pediatric Surgery - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.
PET Center - Ground Floor Main Hospital
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Sickle Cell - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Sleep Center - 3rd Floor Main Hospital
Speech Therapy - 3rd Floor Carls Bldg.
Ultrasound - 1st Floor Tower
Urology - 2nd Floor Carls Bldg.

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