Psychiatry Services and Innovations

Inpatient and Subspecialty Clinic Consultation:

The Department of Psychiatry at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan provides consultative pediatric psychology services as part of the medical team. The psychiatrist/psychologist assesses the child and family’s adjustment to illness, adherence to the required medical regimen, and how the illness is affecting the school and family functioning.


The Department of Psychiatry also provides evaluation and treatment services in the areas of anxiety and mood disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and adherence to medical regimens. Referrals are accepted both from physicians within Children’s Hospital and from outside sources for these programs. Eligible families may receive free evaluations and treatment following the research protocols.

Parents and professionals can refer children or adolescents to the research program by calling the Intake number: (313) 745-4878 or UPG Triage (888) 362-7792.

Outpatient Evaluation and Treatment:

Intake - An introductory telephone interview is facilitated by an intake coordinator. Information will be obtained regarding the child’s symptoms. The parent or guardian will also be asked about medical and insurance information. Following intake, the patient may be scheduled for evaluation or an appropriate referral will be made.

Evaluation - Initial clinical evaluations are conducted by licensed pediatric/clinical psychologists. Children and adolescents are thoroughly evaluated to ensure precise and appropriate treatment. Evaluation includes interviews with both the child and adolescent and family in order to produce a well- informed medical, developmental, and psychiatric history. When indicated, a board-certified child psychiatrist provides psychiatric assessment, medication management, and referral with maintained availability for consultation as needed. Specialty evaluations in the areas of ADHD, neuropsychological disorders, and pervasive developmental disorders are also offered.

This practice allows for more accurate diagnosis of the presenting problems, which in turn promotes a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Treatment - As an academic outpatient facility the Children’s Hospital of Michigan provides clinical services to children & adolescents with psychiatric & behavioral disorders utilizing modalities such as individual and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication management.

Research faculty provide training and supervision for medical residents in child & adolescent psychiatry and doctoral-level pediatric psychology interns.

Specialty Evaluations:

The Neuropsychology Clinic  serves children with medical conditions having known or suspected neuro-cognitive factors, providing evaluations of cognitive functioning and mental status to assist with immediate medical decisions.

The Autism Assessment Service provides diagnostic evaluations for children suspected of having autism spectrum disorders and specializes in difficult differential diagnoses of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

The ADHD Clinic provides evaluation and consultation services for children suspected of having attention, learning and behavioral problems or for re-evaluation of children who have been diagnosed with ADHD who continue to experience problems.

Project Challenge provides a multi-component mental health and support program to address the needs of children and adolescents infected and affected by HIV.

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