The nationally recognized specialists from Children’s Hospital of Michigan also see patients at Children’s Hospital of Michigan-Troy, a free-standing facility dedicated entirely to children and their unique needs. Here are 10 things to know about Children’s Hospital of Michigan-Troy.

2178-a-min (1)1. Where is Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Troy located?
The vividly striking facility, designed especially for children with bright colors and vibrant shapes, is located at 350 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy (between Livernois and Crooks roads).

2. Why did Children’s Hospital of Michigan add the Troy facility? The Children’s Hospital of Michigan wanted to extend its reach in the Greater Detroit Area. This facility offers patients and their families in the Troy community the convenience of the highest quality of care close to home. Pediatric care at the facility includes a 24-hour emergency room that specifically caters to children, outpatient pediatric surgery and pediatric specialist offices. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Troy sees approximately 60,000 visits annually from patients in Oakland County and Macomb County communities adjacent to Troy.

Rankedin6Specialties-2022-233. Is pediatric surgery performed at the facility?
Yes, as a freestanding pediatric surgery center, pediatric surgeons perform a variety of outpatient surgeries and general procedures, including:

  • General pediatric surgery
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgical procedures
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Colonoscopies
  • Tubes placement (myringotomy tubes or tympanostomy tubes)
  • Tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies
  • Circumcisions
  • Hernia orchiopexy (undescended testicle)
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair

4. Why should I consider Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Troy for my child’s health services?
While many hospitals combine adult and pediatric care in the same setting, this modern facility is focused entirely on children with dedicated pediatric experts available 24/7. The facility is dedicated entirely to serving children with physicians, nurses and staff who are trained to care just for them.

5. Who are the physicians practicing at Troy?
Nationally recognized experts you know and love from Children’s Hospital of Michigan offer appointments in Troy, see children in the emergency room at Troy and perform surgery in Troy, maximizing convenience for families seeking expert pediatric care.
2174-H-min6. What kind of diagnostic tests are offered at Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Troy?
Several diagnostic procedures are offered including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, CT scan, X-rays, echocardiogram (EKG) and fluoroscopy as well as lab services.

7. What if I normally receive care for my child at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit?
Please check with your physician. Many pediatric specialists from Children’s Hospital of Michigan offer office visits in both facilities, offering flexibility for patients and their families.

2174-C-min8. What services are provided?
Key Pediatric Services include:

  • 24/7 kids-only emergency room
  • Operating rooms
  • Medical and surgical specialties including:
    • Allergy
    • Audiology
    • Cardiology
    • Ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology)
    • Endocrinology/diabetes
    • Gastroenterology
    • Genetic disorders
    • Hematology/oncology
    • Liver diseases clinic
    • Nephrology
    • Neurology
    • Orthopedics
    • Pediatric surgery
    • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
    • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
    • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    • Sleep center
    • Urology
    • Imaging and lab services

9. Is there free parking?
Yes, there is free parking adjacent to the 63,000-square-foot facility, which offers most major medical and surgical pediatric specialties encompassing three floors.

10. What is the phone number and hours for the facility?
For inquiries about services and information at Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Troy, please call 248-524-7180. The emergency department is open 24 hours per day, 7 days-a-week. Clinic hours are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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