Preventive Cardiology/Lipid Management

Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric lipid management program is a preventive care program for children with lipid disorders featuring specialized pediatric testing, innovative lipid management therapies, and dietary counseling. Patients are seen by a pediatric lipid specialist (cardiologist or nurse practitioner), a dietitian and an exercise specialist.

Patients are evaluated for presence of risk factors associated with the development of premature cardiovascular disease (CVD). Additional testing may be offered for secondary causes of hyperlipidemia, early indicators of heart disease. Found risk factors are then managed via pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment, and referral to appropriate specialty service. Specialists and families discuss risk factor prevention including educating both the child and family about the pathophysiology of premature CVD, risk factor prevention through lifestyle modification, and the role of diet, nutrition, and physical activity in both the development and treatment of premature CVD. After initial consultation specialists follow patients at least annually (more often in higher risk patients) and provide complete reports detailing findings and a plan of care to the referring physician following each clinic visit.

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