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Children’s Hospital of Michigan is accepting applications for future volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Today

Volunteers are an integral part of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and can make a tremendous impact on a child and their family during their hospital stay. Volunteers work under the supervision of the Child Life Staff and the Nursing Staff to be sure that each child's needs are met. Children need to play and maintain some sense of their normal routine to heal and be emotionally stable. That is where volunteers can make a positive difference. Volunteers provide a wonderful gift to patients and their families by offering their time, their presence, their smile, and kind gestures that can draw a smile or even a giggle from the child, making their day as normal and happy as possible.

What will keep you busy as a volunteer?

  • Playing or interacting with children in the  activity centers or in their rooms
  • Reading to children in the various clinics and units in the hospital
  • Visiting children with your certified pet therapy dog
  • Art cart activities

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan values your commitment and understands that your time is important. Flexible hours are available from early morning to late evening on weekdays and weekends to best accommodate your schedule.

Please browse through the various sections on the right which offers additional information on volunteering. We hope to hear from you soon to help brighten the stay of the special children who seek to get better at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

For further information on Volunteer Services contact:

Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Volunteer Services
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Detroit, Michigan 48201
Fax: (313) 745-5654
Phone: (313) 745-1010
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