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Why Seek Pediatric Ophthalmology Services at Children’s Hospital of Michigan?

Children’s Hospital of Michigan treats the most children for inpatient ophthalmology care in the state of Michigan.

Patients who see surgeons for child eye care at the Children's Hospital of Michigan benefit from the expertise of an eye doctor who is board certified in ophthalmology and who has had additional fellowship training to diagnose and treat disorders that are unique to children.

Expert pediatric ophthalmologists on the medical staff at Children’s Hospital of Michigan perform delicate surgical procedures to treat diseases, injuries and congenital anomalies of the eyes.

Pediatric eye doctors at the Children's Hospital of Michigan offer comprehensive eye care for infants, children and teens. Services include evaluation and treatment for infants who experience vision complications due to premature birth as well as infants who may have tearing problems.

Ophthalmology Conditions and Treatments

In addition to seeing children for regular eye examinations and eyeglass prescriptions, DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan Department of Ophthalmology treats:

  • Corneal Abrasions
  • Crossed eyes (Strabismus)
  • Chalazion
  • Dacryostenosis (Tearing)
  • Eye Infections (Conjuctivitis)
  • Eye trauma
  • Eye tumors (Retinoblastoma)
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal detachment

For further information or to schedule an appointment call (313) 745-KIDS or toll-free at (888) 362-2500.

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